Zaza SRQ is bringing authentic “family recipe” flavors into your kitchen

I love social media for the fact that you can connect with awesome like-minded people in your community and from around the world. When Mia from Zaza messaged me that she wanted to drop off some of her homemade lasagnas, I immediately jumped on the opportunity and waited patiently for my delivery. These take & bake frozen lasagnas are made with hand-rolled pasta and slow-roasted sauce, perfect for gifting or dinner in a pinch. My initial thought was “Wow what a great idea to gift to new parents or a teen heading off to college!”

Zaza has always been a dream for Mia and her husband, Franco. Both working in the hospitality industry from wait staff to head chef (and everything in between), they decided to take the leap and pursue their dreams. Boy am I glad they did and so will you, it was love at first bite.

Zaza focuses on ingredients that are fresh, organic, and absolutely no preservatives. Each bite is made with painstaking care, attention to detail and lots of love. Every sheet of pasta is rolled 100% by hand - no shortcuts, no machines, no compromises. This way they make sure that this is almost the best lasagna you’ve ever had, second only to your grandma’s.

You can order your own take & bake lasagna HERE! They deliver Wednesday – Sunday and can check their rates and radius HERE. Use code CIAO for free delivery, no minimum.

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